Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Best Story

Everything that has a beginning has an ending.

I ended up in Panama when I prayed God to take the control. I wanted His adventure, not mine.

He took care of everything, in a better manner I was even able to ask for.

He made my coming wonderful. I was more than welcomed.

He put me there for a reason which He did not hide from me; He gave the Food Project in my heart.

He surrounded me with extraordinary people and lots of them!

He let me travel, see the country for myself, filling my days with unexpected events and unforgettable memories.

Alonso, my Swedish-speaking hitchhike driver to Panama City.

He brought me back home safely though changed.

Never have I been this unclear in my own mind, not comprehending what's going on. For the first time in my life I did not get the rush of emotions and memories coming back to home sweet home.

That right there clearly tells me how great, big and good of a trip this was. The best.

Even more so, He revealed His presence in a whole new way; He is not only the Lord of all the nations, He is the Lord of the whole world.

He is not limited but limitless.

As I, human-wise, talked and felt uncertainty going to Panama, I had complete trust in His blessing, sending and being with me over there.

Thus I have no worries or better, I already have the knowledge, that He once again has everything taken care of as now He leads me to the next chapter, only He knowing what's happening there:

One month from now, July 17th, God leads me to study for one year in Tel Aviv, Israel.

"I'm proud of you, my son."

He told me about it after only one month stay in Panama. Now I have a flight ticket, an apartment and a placement in a university.

And nothing to lose but everything to have.

He is the King. He takes the lead. It's not about trips and experiences but a grande story that only I can read as He writes it. Or, has already written. Perfectly, without a single typo.

And to be honest... even though I'm only in the beginning of the book and have no clue of the coming chapters, I do have seen the ending.

Not intentionally. No, that was God's idea so I wouldn't be afraid, afraid at all, even to start reading. Romans 8:28 summarises it nicely:

"All things work together for good to those who love God."

That's faith, hope and love. For real. Love being... well, you know.

Thank you and God does bless you all!

In the name of Jesus 
En el nombre de Jesús 
Jeesuksen nimessä 


- Juho


  1. haluaisin kovasti jotain sanoa. en vain pysty, veit taas sanattomaksi. oletta huippuja! sie ja jeesus.

  2. Ei lisättävää.
    - Salli.

  3. Thank you for the summary, will be nice to hear your adventure in the Holy Land. A big latino hug!

    1. Thanks Ricardo! Blessings have hit their spot ;) Warm and accountable Finno-Latino hug back!

  4. En tiä, miksen ole kommentoinu tähän. Varhmaan ollu vaan niin sanaton. Haluan sanoa, että tämä on aivan ihmeellinen postaus. Vau, vau, vau <3


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