Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Photoception" - Last time in Las Perlas

Visiting Las Perlas, the area they live in, never gets old.

I don't know how to describe it. It's not like visiting your family, best friend or girlfriend.

No. None of those feelings. This feeling is different. 

Second time we visited there, six-year-old Miguel ran out of the blue shouting "PASTOR!!!" and jumped on Roger's neck. 

This time, how overwhelmed was I hearing somebody screaming "JUHO!" and "MUCHACHO!" the moment I stepped out of the truck.

Nothing is too good for these guys. I wanna give them all the gifts I can.

Even though I've got piles of pictures of them online, doesn't mean that they would be able to see them.

Therefore, I went and printed out like dozens of photos to give out to them.

I have no idea have they ever seen pictures of themselves.

Their excitement dropped some hints.

"Las Perlas" means "Pearls". That's what they are.

I told them that people around the world have seen these same pictures.

Melany, Melania's mother.

They were pretty astonished when I added "And none of them can stand how beautiful you all are".

I think I will drop by and visit them again someday.

Care to join me?


- Juho


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE IT! So inspired by your blog, Juho. I love your spirit. Excited to see what other adventures you get into :)

  2. Olet yks helmi ittekki, Roihmaa! <3

  3. yritin kommentoia ja kertoa kuinka overwhelmed mie olen tätä lukiessa. mutta en pysty.


  4. Komppaan Katariinaa. Ah. <3

  5. Vau!Niin hyvä idea! Mahtavaa, sanat ei riitä!

  6. Thanks all of you awesomes. You are awesome. <3


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