Monday, April 15, 2013

Off I go!

Why is it always the same? Why you do everything on the last minute when you could have divided the work for many days?

Well, that's not all true. For various reasons, last two weeks just have been amazingly busy while I've been working with pictures, articles for Finland, Panama and the world, some video and university thingies.

17-year-Jose. He's been here since he was four. Do the math.

We also looked into starting a new ministry in a orphanage though it seems like prison 'cause of the Panamanian social care. Is no Finnish. And still is one of the best ones in the Central America.

Sorry I can only briefly mention about it, but I just don't have any fine pictures from there since they didn't want me to take pictures of the boys.

So let's see what I have photos of. Surprisingly enough, the construction and my longboard!

It's rising up so fast! The prayer and plan is to have the whole construction done in December, if Lord so will.

Even my 10mm lens couldn't fit the second floor in. Gonna be huge.

Feelings here have been bittersweet as always upon departing. Officially my commitment with OM is now done and I'm off to surf and travel.

At the same time, I'm excited to see what's going on in Panama from a backpacker's point of view but also gonna miss these pretty wonderful people over here.

Even after amazing Brasilian dinner, Rene was graving for Finnish dishes.

So once again, you guys take care, spread the word of the Food Project and go where your heart tells you to go.

I approve all of those things. 

See you in three weeks!


- Juho


  1. vähän on noista työturvallisuusasioista sanomista.

    1. Sole Panamala nii justhiinsa. Kypärät on koviksile.

  2. Great summary man, so where are you off in your traveling?
    I keep praying for you.

    1. Thanks once again, Ricardo! Let me tell you, prayers have been heard. I'm backpacking around, see where my heart leads me :) At least Santa Catalina, Bocas del Toro and Panama City.

  3. Juho! En tiedä mitä haluan sanoa joten en sano mitään sen kummempaa. JEE!


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