Sunday, April 7, 2013

Darkness in David

Couple weeks ago the church started a new ministry.

This is David's city dump.

Sixty people live here. Daily over 200 come here to work.

Not all of them have to live here. Of course it's a vicious cycle, but many of them just make more money working here than ... well, somewhere more common.

Their living conditions and state of mind speak for themselves. Nobody should live like this.

In this shack lives two brothers, Carlos and Fernando. 

Carlos sleeps on the left, Fernando pulls out the hammock.

Carlos is 22 and Fernando 19 years old.

Unlike everybody else I've met here, these people really didn't want their pictures to be taken.

We brought them meals and did dramas and songs with them.

They received us well. Thanks to this guy. He's Raul, the boss.

After we had introduced ourselves, he had a word.

No mosquitoes, no.

He thanked us and told that we were the first church ever to visit there.

He wondered all of us coming there from all these different countries.

"And that's how it should be, because we are all the same", he said.



- Juho


  1. Olen sanaton..... Siunausta heille ja teille <3

  2. Voi että, ko Iskä kattooki sinua, poikaansa, kenheen Hän on mielistyny, ja hymyilee.


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