Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Central American Road Trip

Honduras, check. Costa Rica, check. Is there something wrong with me since once again I didn't wanna come back?

The thing was to reach people in the Central America during the holy week. This time it was for Honduras.

I had the privilege to take all the pictures of the campaign.

My most wonderful host family.

We went to small towns to work with the local churches.

Early in the morning, we took over an empty school and set up a hospital, which we called ”Medical Brigade”.

The line before we even got there. About 200 people.

Whoever wanted, received medical care, was able to visit a doctor, could go to a dentist and get the right pills from the pharmacy.


All for free.

It was awesome.

Saying goodbye to your nails can get a bit emotional sometimes.


- Juho

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