Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I dedicate this to my wonderful younger sister, Aino. Not only are her huge college matriculation tests in Finland finally done for good, she is also the best lil'sis' and one of the most amazing human beings. And I love her.

Albin, as a surprisingly Finn-like latino, invited me to the close-by rain forest mountain area, Cerro Punta. Grateful for that!

Our lovely couple from Switzerland once again being the early birds.

You won't believe this but it was freezing cold. Okay, not freezing but up in the altitude of 2230 meters, it felt pretty homey.

Come at me, bro.

And here you go, darling. Hummingbirds.

I did see a painting of the bird you requested me to catch on film, but not in the nature.

Close enough?

We were there with the family of Albin's aunt. Here is she with her grandchild.

Hope you liked it. And everybody else who made it this far! Here is where I posted it. Includes a little sneak peak of... well, if you don't see it, you don't care of it.


- Juho

P.S. Manuel also kinda likes you, sis'.


  1. I H A N I A. Oi, mitä kolibreja ja ihania leveänokkamomottien sukulaissieluja, todellakin kelpaa! Voi vääkylä sinun kanssa, tämä nostatti valtavat emotionaaliset tuntemukset.

    JA MANUEL. VOI MANUEL. Rakastun tuohon riivihöön joka päivä enemmän.

    Voi veljet (tai siis veli). Kiitos tästä.
    Siu ja suurin rakkaus <3

    1. Vääkyläpä hyvinki. Vääkylä voi olla mikä vain. Koiranvääkylä, vauvavääkylä, veljenvääkylä. Tai ihan vain vääkylä. Sana son. Usko pois.

  2. Great man, Albin knows how to encourage people!

    1. I know, right! He has that people-oriented view of working ;)


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