Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the Jungle

We were in the jungle as one great combined mission group, the international Mission Extreme and the Latin School of Missions coming together.

Our week's schedule included evangelism around the area, a school program, constructing the church and evening service programs.

So there was always something to do daily but still, there were lots of loose time. Or so it seemed.

Samuel drops his machete and work to play with Saray

The locals did everything for us to make us feel home. Without ceasing, they thanked us how big of a blessing we were to them and how privileged and honored they feel us being their guests.

At the same time, we were amazed and just overwhelmed of everything they did for us and were more than grateful just being there.

I guess the school program wasn't just for the students

That wasn't just cultural politness or manners. It was mutual presence and being. Nothing more or less. One doesn't realize how great gift that actually is.

Chillin' with Antonio and Eduardo

To be. To love without choosing the person. To have peace.


- Juho


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