Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bittersweet comeback

Back from the jungle. I didn't want to come back. It might have been the best week of my life.

There was a misunderstanding and we actually didn't stay in a tribe but just with latinos living really remote. They had a small community around their church and the church it was where we slept.

Well, I didn't. The first thing after seeing the place, I set up my hammock between the trees, under the stars, behind our clay hut kitchen. Always the last to wake up but the first to get breakfast. Sweet.

What did we do there varied from school programs and church services to carrying wood and painting stuff. And yeah, chillin'. Loved it all. Especially taking the pictures from all of it.

So try to stay with me as I plan to do couple posts about this adventure under the stars and sun of Panama.


- Juho


  1. Ehkä justjust jaksan lukea tuollaisia postauksia... Huhhei tyyppi missä oletkaan! <3


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