Monday, March 4, 2013

A Change is Gonna Come

The title refers to an awesome song of Great Wide North from Finland. I approve it.

You wonderful Finns have already supported the Food Project more than 2% of the total cost! That's pure awesomeness, thank you! Let's go further by telling more people about this opportunity to be a part of the massive cause. Here, have a picture of Manuel saluting you:

For new readers, here is the story behind the life-changing Food Project: Story of Melania.

So the change is gonna come in the Food Project, meaning it's gonna happen! A change has already come to the regular service visitors as they have moved to a temporary place to have Sunday services. Even though it was really windy today, I like the place.

After it we enjoyed countless rounds of Jungle Speed, this nerve-racking, whole family's nice violent game which, in my experience, you are apparently to learn only abroad (I heard of this game when my friend visited Israel but never played it before coming here).

And the last change, refreshing one, is that Monday morning at 5 o'clock, we're traveling to work among a native tribe for one week. No electricity or running water, sleeping in a hammock covered by a mosquito net. Besides the hammock, sounds like my hometown Muonio.

Feelings and damages after an average round of Jungle Speed. 

You guys have a great week! I sure will.

Don't have to look at this site for a week. Me gusta mucho.


- Juho


  1. Mie olen pelannu tuota peliä!!! Norjassa :D Vitsit, hyvää matkaa viidakkoon, voi jospa voisin olla muukaaana!

  2. Great man, enjoy the adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ricardo - Australia

  3. Vau! Ihanaa kuulla, että ihmiset on antanu omasthaan :)

    Ja vau, parasta reissua sinne! <3 Olet mielessä ja rukouksissa. Just äsken skypeilthiin Millan kanssa ja rukoilthiin sinunki puolesta, velirakas.

  4. hei jungle speed on ihan paras peli! olen pelannu sitä italiassa ja uuessa seelanissa! :D

  5. Jeejee, kiva lukea näitä. Mulla on sit Jungle Speediin myös lisäosa, eli kun se perusversio alkaa puuduttaa, niin saa uutta intoa peliin. ;)

    Herra kanssasi.

    1. Vov. Pientä yliannostusta alkaa olehmaan, mutta millane lisäosa kyseessä? Sisältääkö vaan uusia kortteja vaiko lissää väkivaltaa, esim. useampia toteemeja, joissa vaikka piikkejä?


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