Monday, February 4, 2013


Before going on about anything else, I'll briefly introduce to you who I am.

I was born in Muonio, a small village in northern Finland. I have amazing and loving parents, father Juhani and mother Kaija, and three awesome siblings: bigsister Maria (23), lil'sister Aino (19) and lil'bro Johannes (16). He's the man.

I graduated there from high school on 2010, including one year abroad. I visited Montana, USA, on 2007-2008 where I really got confidence with English, lifelong relationships and indescribable experiences (studied Spanish the whole year!). That year still has input in my everyday life since it truly was a year of indepence and evolving a personal relationship with Jesus.

After graduating, I studied music and Bible in the Finnish Bible Institute. Once again, that wonderful year gave me a bunch of loving people around me which made it natural to move to Helsinki area, 1 000 kilometres away from home in Muonio.

In Fall 2011 I worked as a musician and a freelance reporter in Christian media, fullfilling my passion to photographing and journalism. It was hectic but rewarding time which bittersweetly ended to the start of my army.

Most importantly, I am a guy who trusts in God as a loving Father every single moment. I have always believed in Him and will do. Like I mentioned, my exchange year started a still lasting journey with Jesus. He's the truth, meaning and identity of my life. Don't worry if you feel confused reading this, I surely will get more on to this as my blog goes on.

And here we are. Ready to take off. Well, true to be honest, I'm actually writing this already in a plane to London, but more of that later.


- Juho


  1. Yritän muistaa lukea tätä ahkerasta, mutta muistuttelet varmaan seinälläsi myös Fb:ssä? Vielä kerran SIU!

  2. MOI JUHO!

    Ihan vaan vielä moikkaan menemään, ole turvassa ja inspiroi meitä muita kokemuksillasi!
    -Mira ja Tuomas

  3. Anni, aina tullee Faceen postaus tästä. Ei tätä muute kukhaan löyvä :)

    O man, thänks, parhaat Mira ja Tuomas -tutut! :) Olkaa tet kans siunatut kelvossa Suomen kevhäässä. Or I dunno, jossai maailmalaha teki saatatta olla.


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