Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Food Project

It would be amazingly easy to be discouraged and just cry after seeing the need of the poorest. That, however, changes nothing. If you're discontent with something, it is your duty to change that thing.

This man is Roger Branda, the pastor of the local church. He has a vision. It is called the Food Project.

In all simpleness, it's a plan to feed these kids. They did it for a year, twice a week, the food ALWAYS donated from somewhere. At best there were 120 kids having a free meal in one day.

Roger saw that the need was far greater than their resources. So, does he forget about the whole thing? Nah, he matches the aid to the need. Or goes beyond, whatever.

Business men, students, farmers... All doing little something.

Their church looks like this now. All the people in the pictures are volunteers who stayed after the Sunday service to give their time and effort. This week they actually have to have the service in a temporary place.

The project is not only to build big enough facilities for at least 200 kids to receive a meal DAILY but also tutor them with their homework and offer sports and other free-time activities. 

To include everyone, there's also going to be a rehab program and a space for mothers (and their mothers) to have vocational classes and courses in hand crafts, painting, sowing etc.

All the personnel to keep this running is already offered from many different mission agencies, like OM, Youth With a Mission and so on. The only thing slowing this down is the money for the construction. You see where I'm getting at?

He is Rene, a local farmer and a grandpa.

The total cost of this is $180,000, about 135,000 €. Money is gathered by flea markets, selling meals after the service and supporters.

If all the money would be at hand, the church would be re-build and action could begin in 3-4 months.

Let's do it.

Manuel counts on you. Or just poses like a boss. I'm not quite sure.


- Juho


  1. Upeita kuvia taas <3 Toivottavasti olen sanonu sulle joskus, että olet ihan älyttömän hyvä kuvaaja!

    1. Olet sanonu ja kiitän tämänki kerran kehusta! Kiitos, kelpaa jatkaa kuvaamista :)

  2. Moi Juho. Tuli mieleen, että Agricola messu keräsi tossa taannoin kevään kolehtikohteita. Oletko ollut heihin yhteydessä? Voisi varmaan onnistua!

    T:Mira H

    1. En ole, mutta lähetin jo viestiä Teemule ja Mikale! MAHOTON KIITOS tästä ideasta, Mira <3

  3. Looks as if your getting and giving a whole lot of love. That's what it's all about.
    God Bless you Brother,

  4. Most missionaries go with the attitude they have something to give then they learn they are the ones on the learning and receiving end.

    It always goes two ways. As you receive you give, as you give
    you receive.

    Love is like a wheel that has to be in perpetual motion for it to grow and flourish.

    All win in Christ. There are no losers.

    Roll On,

    1. Thanks Jeff for the encouragement, that's how we keep on going here. The only way we are able to love is because He loved first, gave an example and guidance to use it. Now, let's go for that! Be blessed, brother!


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