Sunday, February 24, 2013

A basic day

First of all, thank you so much to all of you that have already donated for the Food Project! Most people I've never even met. I'm overwhelmed.

While I'm updating you with that, I'll answer a question some of my friends have been asking:

”How are you? Do you do any normal things there?”

"Chicheme", boiled corn with sweet milk. Oh, it's sweet alright.

Thanks for asking, I'm great and yes, I do! Or well, ”normal” is kinda relative concept, isn't it? Anyway, these photos describe more than my blubbering.

Victor the Cab Driver. He's the man to get you in places.

Even though my daily routine is pretty chill, it's not an outdoor job. So this Saturday, I wanted a day off.

All your Finnish Facebook statues about the sun finally shining after the long winter made me smile but also really to go out myself. So I went to see the Pacific.

And that's right. I surfed. Oh yeah, big time. Got on the wave, at least for a second. Next time I'll make it double. You'll see.

Café con leche y aqua de pipa. Hope there wasn't any hipster busters around.

This is my kind of relaxing in Panama. I enjoy being outdoors, reading a good book, learning some "español" with a non-English-speaking cab driver and consuming tasty nourishment. Pretty much the same that I do in Finland. 

So nothing special. Although, it is pretty wonderful here. You should come visit!

And now, how are you?


- Juho

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